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'MAP YOUR ART' Children Artists Learning Programme - "Future City" Children Artists Exhibition
2023-11-17 - 2024-03-10
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About the Exhibition

The MAP x TATE 'MAP YOUR ART' Children Artists Learning Programme is a free, open submission art prize designed for students aged 6–15 in China. Our mission is to transform professional art resources into a wellspring of high-quality art education, fostering daring innovation, individual expression, and boundless creativity among our young generation.

The first 'MAP YOUR ART' Children Artists Learning Programme is themed "Future City",and these artists have amazed us with their imaginative creations. They've envisioned the future of cities and transportation, explored the depths of their own minds, and even imagined eco-friendly celebrations. As Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) creators, these artists have taken us on a remarkable journey. 

This year, more than three thousand students participated with enthusiasm, a testament to the dedication of teachers and parents who champion the pivotal role of art in education. Our judges were deeply moved by the passion, insight, and skill exhibited in these artworks, which made it very difficult to select pieces for the exhibition. We have chosen around 140 works for this exhibition. We hope to provide these talented artists with a platform to showcase their creative expressions and an international stage to display their remarkable talents.

This exhibition is not only a presentation and celebration of the imaginative and creative spirit of our future artists and their visions but also an appreciation of their invaluable contributions to shaping the future city and society.


MYA project team, Museum of Art Pudong(MAP)

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